Seeing as how I love jokes so much I thought it only fitting that I have a ‘Sex Jokes’ section on this blog. Finally I have an outlet for my six twisted jokes that I couldn’t post on my other blogs ;)

This joke starts when a travelling salesman walks into a pub in some small country town. As he saunters up to the bar he notices a bowl full of ten dollar notes. He gets the barman’s attention and asks him, “Hey mate, I’m new in town. What’s with the bowl full of ten dollar notes?”

The barman replies, “Well you see, I have this mule at the back who has never, ever laughed in his life. If anyone can make him laugh they win the bowl full of money, all it costs is a ten buck note to enter.”

The salesman thought this would be an great way to make some easy money an so he dutifully puts in his ten bucks and walks out the back. Not five minutes later everyone stops in astonishment, their beers held in mid air, as they hear the loud hee hawing of the mule.

The salesman, grinning from ear to ear, pockets the money and casually strolls out.

Months later, the salesman enters the same pub and notices a bowl full of $20 notes. He orders a beer and asks the barman as to what the deal was with the bowl this time.

“Well,” said the barman, “ever since you left, we haven’t been able to get that damn donkey to stop laughing, so now anyone that can make him stop wins all that cash.”

“Cool,” said the salesman as he deposits his $20. He heads on out the back and once again the bar patrons are shocked into silence as the mule stops laughing. Again, the salesman pockets all the money as is about to leave when the barman stops him.

“Hang on a sec mate, the least you can do is tell us how you managed to win all that cash on both occasions.”

“Now worries mate,” replies the salesman, “the first time I told the mule that my cock was bigger than his. The second time all I had to do was how him my cock!”

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