I have been waiting for ages for this opportunity to come my way and it finally has. I’ve finally been able to sex toysbring to life my very on Sex Toys Store! The reason for starting my own Sex Toys store, other than to make money of courseĀ  ;) is to provide you guys a proper one stop shop for all your sex toys needs. I know being able to get all your sex pleasure needs in one stop is something a lot of you are looking for. A Sex Store that is updated in a continual basis is also important and I will try my best to offer you that service!

So what sort of sex toys does my store sell? I’m so glad you asked ;) As of writing this post my new Sex Toy store has 175 sexual aids and I will be adding more as I find them. They include;

Products From The New Sex Toys Store

  • Your ever popular dildos, including ones that actually ejaculate!
  • Lubricants are something that many people leave out of their sexual forays. This particular category not only offers some of the best lubricants it also offers aromatic oils as well as pheromones.
  • Masturbators are for the man in your life. A great way to get your man off so that he’ll last longer the second time around. Also a great gift when you know you won’t be around to pleasure him.
  • A range of penis rings including a chromed chastity device. Man, I knew chastity belts existed but never thought you could get one for the blokes. Might come in handy for those special sex games.
  • Pumps and Penis Enlargers: I don’t know if these babies work but for the price they may be worth a try. I’m sure that some of the imaginative sex toys gurus can find a use for them even if they don’t work the way you want them to. Especially the electric shock ones :)
  • Medical Themed Toys are sex toys that incorporate electrical shock therapy. Some of the more experimental sex toys enthusiasts may find these very interesting.
  • While Sex Dolls have never appealed to me I know there are many out there who would find them more than satisfying. They ranged from the simple blow up doll to the amazingly lifelike silicon ones.
  • Vibrators are always a popular sexual aids device. This category offers a sleuth of vibrators including nipple clamps and remote controlled one.

Keep in mind that I will be adding new sex toys as I find ones that I think you will like so you’ll probably want to call in every now and again to see new sex toys are on offer.