Some say the problem with a lot of men is that they are selfish lovers, they’re only interested in fulfilling their sexual needs and not that of their partner. Is this part of the man’s psyche? After all most media portray men as tough, aggressive, competitive and as having the need to be winners. You see movies where the sole reason for man’s being is the conquest of all hurdles they come across including women.

These same movies may portray house chores as being woman’s work and that alone is man’s greatest downfall because they expect women to do all the housework and be at a man’s beck and call when their sexual urges need satisfying. In my post I’m Not Getting Enough Sex What Can I Do? I set certain rules that men should follow if they would to get a little more time in the sack.

If a man really wants to please a woman they need to know that while we can get a hard on almost instantaneously it takes a woman a lot longer to get aroused. There are many books out there that claim to teach men how to please a woman and I find surprising how a lot of them are written by men, as if a man would ever really know how a woman thinks. ;) Personally I think if you want to know what makes a woman tick you need to ask a woman, and keeping that in mind I’ve sourced a few books and DVD’s that you may find illuminating.

That last book was something that I threw in, a book that couples may find interesting as;

Smoldering Embers is a brilliant and exciting book that offers monogamous couples tools to keep the spark alive and the fire burning in their relationships. These powerful tools come in the form of erotic stories and sex tips. Each story takes place between a loving and passionate couple and serves not only as a source of physical arousal, but also promotes new ideas and techniques for a couple to incorporate into their sexual repertoire. Each sex tip is focused on deepening the sexual experience as a couple. The two together provide you with an enticing menu of sex tips, techniques, and secrets guaranteed to keep the sizzle, passion and excitement alive in your relationship.

Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship Ignite Passion and Excitement Learn How to be a Fantastic Lover Discover New and Exciting Ideas and Techniques Rediscover a Sense of Playfulness and Adventure Improve Intimacy and Communication Create a Satisfying and Successful Sexual Relationship Stimulate Arousal and Desire Intensify Orgasms

Smoldering Embers will help couples open up and explore their sexuality as a couple and develop a successful sexual relationship that will continue to grow deeper, more passionate, exciting, and satisfying within the context of love and monogamy.
About the Author
Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., is a writer and sex educator/advisor specializing in sexual intimacy and erotic communication between couples to keep the fire and passion alive. She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counseling.

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