Yes it is true, some women do have a sense of humor as portrayed by these photos that I received as an email from a mate of mind. Now I don’t know who the women are that are in these photos but if you’re one of them and you don’t want the photo displayed on this blog just contact me and I’ll have it removed.

As you can see in each photo the women have taken their surroundings into consideration and posed accordingly.

This first one probably makes more sense to most Americans as the word beaver to them may mean something entirely different from those of us who live outside the States. I have to admit though, that I like this type of beaver a lot more than the ones found in the animal kingdom, and from what I can see this is a very fine specimen indeed.

beaver lick

Now this next one is definitely not a Playboy bunny but it does have a lovely couple of sheila companions, one of which seems to be wanting to play with it’s private parts. Seems that she has mastered a pretty good technique too.


What I like about this photo isn’t just the post struck by this pretty lady but the expression on the four of hearts figure. What a classic.

cute butts

Put’s a whole new meaning to the ‘Place Butts Here’ phrase doesn’t it?

Now you can’t tell me that the guy in this photo is enjoying himself way too much. Sort of makes you wonder if it’s not one of those mime artists making out like a statue. Wonder what she would do if his fingers actually moved right now.

bunny clit tickle

Another of those smiling statues. Shit makes you wonder if the sculptor had this sort of think in mind when coming up with these pieces.

She could almost be saying “Hey, your ass may be bigger but mine is a whole lot sexier!” So true too, but over time hers will probably get bigger and start to sag where mother natures will still be the same.

Yep, some women have a sense of humor, and a one track mind as well by the looks of things. I got to admit I kind of like this shot. Don’t get too excited though boys, this one comes complete with splinters.

Speaking about sense of humor here are a few items you may find interesting.

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