It came to me the other day that there may be some women out there who are looking for a sex toy that looks and feels more like the real thing. Naturally it would also be nice if it would vibrate and bend to suit their needs. After all, who wouldn’t love a male member that they could bend so that it would fit the way it should. Of course you would also love something that you can take in the shower to enjoy, just like you would your man if he was around  ;)

The problem is they’re not always around and that is where the All American Man Big Vibe comes to play. And play with it you will according to some of the reviews that Amazon has to offer. OK, OK, there is only one review about how good it is but isn’t that enough to go on. How many people do you need to tell you something is good before you’re convinced? Besides wouldn’t you just love to try it to see how good it really is so that you can add your own review? After all, nothing can beat personal experience.

Read on to learn about what The All American Mr. Big Vibe has to offer. You have to admit it really looks the part and that it looks pretty promising.

All American Man Mr. Big Vibe, Flesh

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Product Description

Heres the perfect male companion. the soft outer skin and bendable shaft are only the beginning to the pleasure it offers. this lover is waterproof, with a high powered, deep vibration that makes it even more sensuous! you choose the vibration speed by turning the bottom knob for a desired climax. its the perfect all american man!


  • Waterproof
  • Multi-speed
  • Bendable

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