Let’s face it, no matter how long you’ve been married it can be difficult bringing up the introduction of sex toys. Yeah, I know it shouldn’t be but for many, even today, men and women may find talking about sex difficult. Many may think that bringing sex toys into a relationship may give the wrong message, that you are not happy with the way things are going, when all you’re really doing is taking it to another level.

I would suggest the best way to do it would be to broach the subject naturally. Be upfront, telling your partner that even though you’re completely satisfied you would love it if you could introduce something more into the relationship.

It’s not like the old days where you had to go into a stingy looking sex store where you thought everyone was looking at you. Now you visit any online Sex Aids Store and doing it together is the best way to explore what sort of toys you want to bring into bedroom.

If you’ve never owned a sex toy before I reckon your best bet would be to try the beginners room.  Starting off slow and easy may be the best way to go. It’s just another way to explore what arouses your partner. Men, find out more about what pleases your woman and ladies find out more about what pleases your man.

Lotions may be a great way to start off exploring reach others bodies. Take the time to massage the days stress away leading to a more pleasurable sexual experience. These days that even have great tasting lotions so that you can bring even your tongue into action.

There’s a great selection of vibrators available, and although many are aimed at women there are versions available for men as well.

These are just a few ideas that you may want to explore. All those links will take you to the home page of the store I am affiliated with, but once there you can use the friendly menu to browse the hundreds of items available to make your next love making session an experience to remember.

For those of you who find maintaining certain positions difficult you may want to read my The Ultimate In Bedroom Adventure Gear For Sexually Active Couples post which has example of some very intriguing furniture that can help you in making lovemaking more effortless.

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I am so happy to present to you a guest post from a female reader and I think it’s perfect to have a woman’s view on this subject. Anne is a 38 year old wife and mom of 3 who knows women are every bit as sexual as men. They just need a little more to get them there. When not living, loving, and laughing with her family in the mountains of Virginia, Anne can be found writing about it on her site AnneOnLife.

I ran up the door, opened the stairs, said my pajamas and put on my prayers – turned off my bed, tumbled into my light, and all because he kissed me good-night!

– Author Unknown

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Before you run out and buy that box of chocolates, a dozen or two overpriced red roses, or even make reservations at the local hot spot think about this. What does the woman in your life really want?

She wants to be romanced.

Sure chocolates are nice, but women are always preoccupied with their weight. Eating all of those chocolates will only make her even more self-conscious. The more self-conscious she is about her body the less likely she is to let you get near it.

Flowers are pretty, but will be dead within the week. Dinner out, well, she might actually like that one.

sensual kiss

She wants to feel wanted.

In fact, many women enjoy sex every bit as much as a man. We just need a little more to get us in the mood. The simplest way to do this is with a kiss. Think it’s not that easy? You might be surprised.

Kissing is to women what porn is to men, only better. Want to find her real g-spot? Learn how to kiss the way she wants you to kiss. I once dated a complete jerk because he could kiss, among other things. Kissing is important!

For women, kissing is “an emotional litmus test”

Love, pleasure, duty: Why women have sex – CNN.com

There are actual scientific studies on kissing, but that is not what I want to discuss today. I want to discuss The Art of Kissing. Because it is an art, you know. Sometimes it seems a lost art, but you can change that.

Do a little research

Go to your local library and scan a few romance novels.

Skip the hokey stuff and find the love scenes. This shouldn’t be too hard. Love scenes in romance novels go on for pages. Get a feel for how women fantasize. It’s different than men. Better still, check out some of the books she’s reading. After all, it’s her fantasies you want to fulfill.

Rent a movie or two.

Watch The Notebook. Besides being one of the best love stories, it has some of the best kissing scenes ever. Fast forward through the parts you don’t like, but watch those kissing scenes. Over and over and as many times as needed. Remember, women want to feel wanted. Make her feel as sexual as the girl in the movie. She loses herself in the moment and you have a very good night.

I also suggest Knight Moves with Christopher Lambert. This is a suspense thriller, but Christopher Lambert knows how to create a lustful mood. The scene is in the beginning. Hit rewind and watch that scene more than once. Bonus – it’s a guy movie, so you can play off the real reason for watching it.

Tip: Don’t watch this with your wife unless you turn it off when the sex scene is over. This is a suspense thriller, not a romantic comedy.

Ask questions, Get feedback

Talk to your wife. What better way to find out what she likes than to ask. Steer clear of vague answer questions. Be direct. Be sincere. Get the ball rolling by telling her what you like. This is called building intimacy guys. If you want a more sustained sex life, then intimacy is key.

Tip: Lighten the mood by giving her a massage while you talk. This relaxes her and takes her mind off any reluctance to answer she may be feeling. It also makes for good foreplay.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t make it about getting some. Nothing says selfish like putting the woman where you want her. This means no gentle coaxing her mouth to your penis. No placing her hand there either. Big turn off. If she’s feeling it, you won’t need to coax her into anything.

Do make it about her. Pucker up, like you mean it. Use your hands and hold her face, pull her close. Kiss her mouth, open and sensual. Kiss her neck, no sucking please. Take your time. Foreplay is important. Don’t stop at her neck, work your way down. Build the mood.

Tip: Remember to kiss her during your love making. This retains intimacy and keeps her in the moment. The more preoccupied she is with you the less likely she is to drift off and start thinking about her perceived flaws.

Try out a few things. Remember what you learned during your sensual Q&A. Emulate the kissing scenes found in the movies you watched. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t  by the reaction you get.

Do it right and you may find yourself doing it more often. Now that’s what I call a gift that keeps on giving. And to think, it all started with a kiss.
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Having everything is very much a perception and sometimes you have to think out of the box to come up with that unique gift for Valentines Day. Most people will come up with roses or chocolates or some other mundane thing, but I’m going to help you find something out of the ordinary and seeing as to how this blog is all about sex, why not something of a sexual nature.

You may recall my post, A Special Gift For The Person Who Has Everything, where I highlighted some unique products from Adam and Eve Toys? Well they have extended an offer just for Valentines Day: 50% Off One Item! Coupon Code:Heart10 Valid From 2/1/2010-2/15/2010 and let me tell you these guys offer way more than toys. Let’s take a sneak peak at some of stuff you can find there.


Tempest Bra & Panty Set
: This one is pretty HOT! See it from all angles, use it to tempt your lover on the night. Sometimes it’s not what you show, it’s what you are tantalizingly hiding from him.

Heart Pasties
3 Pairs: Dazzle Your Lover with these sexy nipple pasties. They will show him that you’re ready for any bedroom games! The cloth pasties are heart shaped, with a mirrored centerpiece that flashes and sparkles! Package includes 3 pairs.

Bedroom Nurse Costume
: This is great for those who want to get into a bit of role playing. With this sexy nurse outfit you can do things to him that he would only ever dream would happen in a hospital.

Erotica Teddy
: Unlike one that I mentioned above, this hot little number does not leave much to the imagination. If you wore this while serving dinner I can assure you the meal would be a short one.

Remote Control Fantasy Panty
: This is one that is made for both him and her. She wears it and he controls the amount of pleasure she gets. This is a remote controlled vibrating underwear. Dare you wear it out, and if you do when will he choose to tantalize you.


Major Hardon Camo Thong
: Not that I’ve ever been to drill school but I’ve heard it said that, be “the firstest with the mostest” with a contour pouch that gives the man’s package an enhanced profile! Unlined for commando comfort. 1-inch elastic waist band. Sizes M(32-34), L(36-38), XL(40-42). Made in USA.

Men’s Tank And Brief Set: Made to show off your man’s jewels in a contoured pouch with this stretchy poly/spandex brief. Get him to turn around and display his buns with its open back! Comes with matching sexy stretch mesh tank top. Royal blue.

Pull Tab Thong
: This one is a little different. It a special thong with a tab attached and when you’re good and ready to see his goods––just pull the tab! Velcro snap opens and closes with ease!

Clone-A-WillyExp. 06/30/10: Now here is something really unique. You can actually clone your penis with this erection molding kit. It has everything you need to make a soft rubber dildo of your hard penis – with optional vibrations to please her like never before. Something to remind her of you when you’re not around.

These are just a small sample of what you can find at Adam and Eve Toys, and it’s quite possible, especially as they have such a huge range , that you may decide to buy more that one item. That being the case it may be better to use the following coupon code Get 10% Off Your Entire Order! Coupon Code: TENOFF Expires 06/30/10 instead of the 50% off a single item code that you saw at the beginning of the post.

The question now is, are you daring enough to do something different for Valentines day? ;)

“My husband wants me to give him a blowjob and I can’t bear to bring myself to do it!”

“I don’t mind giving giving him a blowjob but he want’s me to swallow and I just gag. It’s such a turn off.”

Let’s face it, not all women are comfortable giving a blow job, and even less want to go the whole way by sallowing his semen. So what is a woman to do when she wants to make him happy but can’t bring herself to actually doing something she finds repulsive?

The answer could well be the the blow job machine, a unique sex toy that is designed to give the male the sensation of a realistic blowjob. Just like a real blow job it will stroke the penis up and down and even comes with a fully adjustable speed control giving absolute control over the amount of pleasure felt by the male.

So, you see, it can be just the thing for those couples where blowjobs may be causing a rift in the marriage, but the blow job machine could be so much more. Imagine those couples where the many may ejaculate too quickly for the woman. There may be such feelings of guilt or inadequacy that any further attempt in lovemaking is lost. If one were to introduce the the blow job machine as part of the foreplay with early ejaculation being the whole purpose of it’s use, there would be no need for the lovemaking to stop. It would continue, only this time the male should last a lot longer.

It would also come in handy for those women who have a low libido or the man who has a higher sex drive. Even when the woman is not in the mood to have sex she could use it on her loved one to release all that pent up emotion bringing him to a climax, one more fulfilling than doing it on his own.

The truth of the matter is that not many men would buy one for himself, but for a woman, to show him how much she loves him, perhaps it would make the perfect gift, and seeing how Valentines day is just around the corner, what better time than right now.

With Xmas being just around the corner, there will be a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what to buy their loved one. One often wonders what to buy someone who is perceived to have everything. Perhaps this year it is time to think out of the box.

There is something that every healthy sexual couple has in common, and that is the desire that they are pleasuring their mate as much as they are being pleasured, and when you have been together for awhile, it’s not unusual to wonder if this is the case.

Something to keep in mind is no matter if you’re newly weds or if you’ve been married for some years there is nothing wrong with giving that special gift that may just spice up things in the bedroom, or if you’re adventurous in any other room of the house.

Here are a few possibilities for some sexy special Xmas gifts.

For Her

There are a lot of women who think of themselves last, especially if they have kids, and the last thing that they would buy for themselves is some sexy lingerie. So, as the man of the house, you would be doing both of you a favor if you were to consider a nice sexy Wet Look Halter w/ Crotchless Panty & Garter Set for only $27.95. Or if that is a little too raunchy and suggestive you may want to settle for a lovely Crystal Adorned Teddy for only $26.95.

The fact is that they have an enormous selection of sexy outfits and lingerie, too many for me to mention in one post, and you can even get Free Shipping, plus 2 Free Gifts at adamevetoys.com!

NEWS FLASH! You can actually get 50% Off Any One Item at Adamevetoys.com Coupon Code:JOLLY09 Exp: 12/25/09. Yep, this special will only last until 25th of December so you will want to get in early. I’m not sure if the free shipping applies if using this coupon, but then there’s no harm in trying.

The Vibratex Flower Blossom Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator would make a lovely choice as I’ve heard it was named sex toy of the year. Being a unique clitoral and g-spot vibrator, one that is designed to be worn while you make love. Here is a little excerpt from their website.

The unique We-Vibe, as featured in Cosmopolitan, The Independent, The Sun, Mens Health, Reuters, Playboy and many more, was voted the best sex toy of the year.

The We-Vibe is tiny but has 2 fantastically powerful motors and a supple shape to fit you perfectly and stimulate your g spot and clitoris with exquisite pleasure waves.

Even though it can be worn during intercourse (giving him a rather nice vibe also!) you can just wear your We-Vibe for secret pleasure around the house.

The We-Vibe has a snug fit and is quiet enough to wear under your clothes for secret fun.Try taking it for a walk, in the car or to liven up your next train journey.

The possibilities are endless.

You will find this special product under the “Luxury Sex Toys” section. This is only two selections from hundreds that you can choose from. Imagine how easy it will be to buy something special for almost any occasion.

For Him

Now when it comes to men there are somethings that they probably never consider buying for themselves, and there is one product that may even help out some women. I’m talking about the women who consistently get asked by their man to give them a blow job. Now while some are fine with this others persevere only because they do not want to disappoint. Well ladies, why not by him a male masturbator, or more specifically, the blow job machine. Designed to work the penis like a real blowjob this could be the perfect foreplay for any couple, and when you have a real headache you can send him off on his own.

Naturally, you can also follow the above example and buy yourself some sexy lingerie or perhaps something to play out one of his favorite sexual fantasies thereby killing two birds with one stone, something for him and for you.

Whatever you decide, once you consider sex toys and other sexual aids, you have to admit, the possibilities for gifts become endless.