Let’s face it, no matter how long you’ve been married it can be difficult bringing up the introduction of sex toys. Yeah, I know it shouldn’t be but for many, even today, men and women may find talking about sex difficult. Many may think that bringing sex toys into a relationship may give the wrong message, that you are not happy with the way things are going, when all you’re really doing is taking it to another level.

I would suggest the best way to do it would be to broach the subject naturally. Be upfront, telling your partner that even though you’re completely satisfied you would love it if you could introduce something more into the relationship.

It’s not like the old days where you had to go into a stingy looking sex store where you thought everyone was looking at you. Now you visit any online Sex Aids Store and doing it together is the best way to explore what sort of toys you want to bring into bedroom.

If you’ve never owned a sex toy before I reckon your best bet would be to try the beginners room.  Starting off slow and easy may be the best way to go. It’s just another way to explore what arouses your partner. Men, find out more about what pleases your woman and ladies find out more about what pleases your man.

Lotions may be a great way to start off exploring reach others bodies. Take the time to massage the days stress away leading to a more pleasurable sexual experience. These days that even have great tasting lotions so that you can bring even your tongue into action.

There’s a great selection of vibrators available, and although many are aimed at women there are versions available for men as well.

These are just a few ideas that you may want to explore. All those links will take you to the home page of the store I am affiliated with, but once there you can use the friendly menu to browse the hundreds of items available to make your next love making session an experience to remember.

For those of you who find maintaining certain positions difficult you may want to read my The Ultimate In Bedroom Adventure Gear For Sexually Active Couples post which has example of some very intriguing furniture that can help you in making lovemaking more effortless.

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