When reading this post let’s keep one thing in mind, we are no longer part of the stone age so why is that so many blokes act as if they were?

Being a bloke and talking to other blokes I find that a common dilemma that many men have is that once they’ve been married for awhile they just don’t get to have sex as often as they used to and no where near as often as they would like. Naturally it’s not their fault, or is it?

Let’s look at if from a woman’s point of  view. When they’re first married things are hot and there’s always a bit of time for a romp in the hay, but next to no time something starts to cook in the oven and then out pops a baby, and before you know it another may pop out. That beautiful wife of yours now has something else to care for other than your complaining ass.

As a bloke you may not realize it but those little bundles of joy take a hell of a lot of work to look after and demand almost constant attention. Even when they’re asleep you can bet your wife is on tender hooks just waiting for that wail that they know is around the corner demanding for attention.

On top of all that she’s also got to keep the house clean and tidy, shit wouldn’t want to give the man of the house something to complain about now would we? Then there’s the shopping and worrying about what the heck she’s going to make for dinner. When you think about it most of us can come home and forget about work while she lives it all 24/7. And on top of all that you expect her to put out for you? What are you some sort of prehistoric caveman or something.

Truth be told most men don’t appreciate their wives, but if they did I bet they would be more than willing to get your rocks off on a more regular basis. So what can you do to attain this goal, keeping in mind that it’s not just for the sex, it’s because you love her and you want to help her. The sex is just a bonus, and oh what a bonus it is.

  • Don’t just come home from work, give her a peck on the cheek and then sit down watching TV with a beer in your hand, and if you forget the beer you sure as hell don’t want to yell out for her to get you one.
  • Instead take the kids off her hands and attend to their needs for awhile taking some of the stress off her.
  • If you see some chores that need to be done don’t complain about it do it yourself basking in the knowledge that you’re helping her out.
  • If she’s cooking set the table, and when all is finished clear the table and wash the dishes remembering that while you’ve worked 8 hours she’s got a couple of more on you and there is nothing more tiring than being stressed out over your kids.

Believe me just doing this will help out your cause, but not if you do it just for sex because you have to make it into a regular routine. Also don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. I’m sure that most women feel they are less than beautiful because they just haven’t the time to attend to their appearance as they once had.

Every now and again it’s probably also a good idea to show her how much you appreciate her by giving her something special like a Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 count gift box. Flowers are also make a great show of appreciation and when you can get bouquets from as low as $34.99 how could you go wrong.

Another good idea is to plan a night of sensual pleasure with her, and  knowing how those beautiful kids of yours are always on her mind you may want to organize their grandparents to look after then every now an again. You can then take her out to dinner and knowing what awaits you both when you get home only accentuates the sexual juices. If you’re feeling really adventurous you may even bring a sexual toy to the restaurant. I’m talking about a remote controlled vibrator which you can order online at Amazon.

I’m talking about the Trinity Mini Remote Control 10 Speed Egg and what is cool about this is that she wears it why you have control of the remote. One thing that I like about Amazon is that you can view real live comment left by people who have bought and used the products, both positive and negative. Here is what one happy customer had to say;

I read mixed reviews on this product and found myself questioning the purchase afterward, but all of my apprehensions were allayed the first time we used this little gem. The 7 settings allow me to tease my wife in a variety of way, when she least expects it. She says it feels wonderful and is so quite that we can use it in public without the risk of making others aware. It has a great range that allows me to activate the egg from the other room.

The only downside to this product is that it is very easy to activate if you have the remote on your keyring. I had it in my pocket and it ran down the batteries the second day we had it. Other than that, it is a great product I would recommend to anyone looking for a bit of adventure.

By the time you get home things should happen of their own accord. In future posts I will include other ways of increasing your sensual pleasure.

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