OK, this one is mainly for the guys but whatever you think about this video you should keep one thing in mind and that is it’s sending a very important message. But before we get to that message let’s all look at this video shall we?

You have to give it to the Danes, they’re always looking for ways to improve things, funny though how a lot of the stuff they come up with is of a sexual nature. I don’t know about you guys but have a gorgeous blonde flashing her tits at me when I’m driving is just going to get me in trouble with the wife. Heck, I’ll probably do more than just slow down, I reckon I’d run that car right off the road.

But this post isn’t about what I would do, it’s about what you would do and I’ve designed a poll just so we can all see what the most common reaction would be.

What Would You Do If You Saw A Topless Woman Holding A Speed Limit Sign?

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I notice that the women are fine with their jobs and love doing what they do. I wonder though what the fair sex of the women’s liberation movement would think of it?

OK, now tell me in the comments why you made that selection and then go and tell all your friends about this post so that can have their say.

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