I love being a blogger because you always learn learn something new. I started this blog with some trepidation because although I always thought I was quite proficient in the sex department I knew with some certainty that, what with modern technology and all, I wasn’t keeping up with the times. Little did I know how far behind the times I had actually fallen.

Take cock rings for an example. If someone had asked me what one was before writing this post I would have guessed it had something to do with cock fighting ring!

Thankfully I know know a little bit more about them. I now know that they can be used to enhance the sexual pleasure as well as having the ability to provide a longer, harder and thicker erection. Some cock rings can be specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris heightening the woman’s pleasure as well as the mans.

This Wikipedia article on cock rings is really quite informative, and you should pay particularly close attention to the medical issues as some problems can arise if worn too tightly or for too long a period.

Like everything these days there are a lot to choose from, including vibrating ones. While surfing I also noticed that a lot of women actually buy them as gifts for their husbands, as a special treat that both get to enjoy. Maybe I should leave this post on the computer so that the wife will see it.

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