Journey to the G-SpotYou know, I’ve been thinking about the elusive G-Spot and I reckon it would make for a great blockbuster series of movies, something along the line of Harrison Ford’s Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Perhaps we could call it Raiders Of The Missing G-Spot and our illustrious adventure would be Lucky Larry. Then there would be the sequel which we would call The Valley Of Doom because after all that exploring Larry still wasn’t able to come up with the goods and we have one really frustrated woman on our hands. Then finally we would have Lucky Larry and the Last Crusade where he finally manages to track down the that pesky little G-Spot Spot and the series ends with one of the most climatic orgasms ever seen on the big screen.

Finding the G-Spot

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Awhile back I did a post on how to get a blow job and I discussed things that may be preventing you from getting a blow job and ways of getting around those obstacles. I also left relevant links to resources on how to give a good blow job. Well I thought it was only fair that we do something for the ladies so this post is all about cunnilingus, the act of orally stimulating the female genitals. Now that word may be a little hard for some people to wrap their tongue around ;) so let’s look at some other words that people may be more familiar with.

  • Eating Pussy
  • Muff Dive: These days this doesn’t make as much sense as more women get Brazilians
  • Going Downtown
  • Carpet Munch: Again like muff dive it’s not entirely relevant a lot of the times
  • Eat someone out
  • Pearl diving: relating directly to the clitoris

Anyway, I think you get the idea. I can’t help but wonder though what would happen if some aliens got hold of some oral sex manual and took it literally :D Now, I’m not proclaiming to be an expert on pleasing a woman orally but I have learned a few things.

  1. Some women can be pretty sensitive down there so it’s not a good idea to get stuck into it straight away. Leave it to a little later in the game and start slow.
  2. Be gentle, and don’t ask stupid questions like’ do you like it this way?’ That’s almost as stupid as a woman saying ‘does my ass look big in this dress?’ If you have to ask anything it’s best to give her a choice as in, ‘do you like it softer or harder?’
  3. Be attentive to her needs: She may gently try to move your head away. This means she’s not quite ready so don’t persist. There are other delicacies on a woman’s body that you can give your attention to.
  4. When you think it’s time don’t just go straight to it. Work your way down slowly. After a lingering kiss, you could work on her ear lobes, the nape of her neck, her breasts, tummy, belly button, around one thigh, then the next. Then you may even kiss her vagina gently and wait for a reaction. All going well you can lick around the lips and then gently tackle the clitoris.
  5. Some women may want to achieve an orgasm though oral sex but some prefer penetration. Again be aware for signs so that you know when to stop.

How do you know if your performing oral sex ? The best way is to be attentive. Listen to her breathing. Are there sounds of pleasure? Is he moving her body in appreciation? If you’re attentive enough you will know when your over doing something or you stopped doing something that was working.

Naturally I can’t include all the ways on how to give great oral sex to a woman in one post so I’ll provide links to resources that you may find useful.

OK, you don’t like reading texts, well then, how about some instructional videos? ;)

I’m sure there is something there that will help you in your endeavors to be a great oral sex expert :)