I have always believed in the sanctity of marriage and I have always felt that a couple should do everything within their power to prolong their marriage. I’ve read many accounts of how sex becomes a little dull and boring for those who have been married for several years. Perhaps this is why some marriages fail and if sexual dissatisfaction is the reason that causes an otherwise faithful husband or wife to stray, I believe that they should find ways of spicing up their sex life.

As a couple you should be comfortable with talking about ways in which this can be done, and the most important thing to remember is that both have to agree to to whatever means you decide try. If one or the other is not comfortable with an idea, table it for now and try something else.

This site is dedicated to offering ideas that will strengthen marriages and increase playfulness and intimacy in your sex life. Ideas on their own may not be enough and so you will also find products within these pages that can be used to stimulate your sex life thereby stimulating your marriage and bringing you closer together.

This blog has been developed purposefully for married adults over 18 years of age. As I can not know all the legalities that may be attributed to your country or state it is your responsibility to know whether it is legal for you to view and purchase these products.